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Your chosen immigration lawyers  

Helping the people of Manchester and London to obtain the official documentation they require. Working with businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and families to ensure UK travel plans and current stay arrangements comply with the Home Office’s most recent rules and regulations.  

What can MRG Solicitors support with?  

Personal immigration 

Assisting individuals and families arriving in the UK (or those already here). This includes helping you seek British citizenship, apply for sponsorship visas (for partners, children, parents and dependent adults), and obtain a work permit.  


Corporate immigration 

These various services help businesses set up in the UK, hire global talent, and accelerate employee mobility through well-defined plans.


The UK immigration experts  

MRG Solicitors serve as your local immigration partners for personal and corporate travel and stay visas to the UK. Each consultation revolves around your needs, requirements and individual circumstances, to ensure our diverse range of legal solutions work for you. Throughout the process, we’ll ensure nothing goes amiss when it comes to the application for yourself, family or international workers, working towards a seamless experience from start to finish.  


As you might be aware, there are various fees that come with obtaining a visa and other official documentation. That’s why we provide fixes fee service when it comes to reviews and checking your application. This, combined with our customised, legally compliant practices, ensures that you’re in best stead to achieve your immigration goals, irrespective of your situation.  

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“I had a very good experience with MRG solicitors everything on time very kind people”

- Muhammad

Get the right legal aid for immigration matters of every nature  

Call our team on 01615 299777, serving Manchester and London with experience-led consultancy. 

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