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Obtain your religious worker visa

MRG Solicitors continue to help individuals looking to conduct religious duties in Manchester, London, and the wider UK. We want to help you overcome any legalities obstructing your mission, and with extensive knowledge of temporary work visas, sponsorship, eligibility and fees, we can help you get there. 

Eligibility requirements for religious work

Religious workers can come to the UK to undertake non-pastoral roles or duties under a religious order. However, in order to stay in the country legally, individuals will need to obtain a visa. MRG Solicitors assist applicants affiliated with religious orders and individuals interested in performing this types of work to apply for and secure all required documentation. Like many other work visas, including our health and care work visa, eligibility would be based on: 

  • A valid sponsorship certificate from an authorised employer (in this case, a religious order)

  • The role and designation appointed to you

  • Language proficiency skills to ensure international workers can communicate with the diverse community in the UK

  • You meet mandatory visa requirements

  • You pay the admission fees and have the required settlement funds


If approved, you can stay in the UK for approximately two years and leave within 28 days after completing your designated non-pastoral/religious duties. We can help you extend your visa if you intend to stay longer.


Given the complexities of the religious worker visa application, the requirements you need to meet, and the time and money this visa can cost, MRG Solicitors is keen to prevent avoidable administrative issues that could hinder your application process. Before submission, our immigration lawyers can review your application and ensure everything aligns with the latest government rules and regulations.


As your dedicated legal team, we're also happy to provide legal representation, if required, during meetings with the Home Office. Once you're settled, visa applications and family sponsorships can also be considered, with MRG Solicitors' experienced team by your side each step of the way.

“I'm completely satisfied with the services received from MRG Solicitors. From start to finish, they made it clear to me what is required, what is missing, and how long each phase of the process will take. They are very responsive and reliable, and happy to answer any queries one might have.”

- Anonymous

Meet your responsibilities, complete your mission

Work with MRG Solicitors to apply for and obtain your religious worker visa. You can call our teams in London and Manchester on 01615 299777 to get started. 

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