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Privacy policy & cookie policy

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all web visitors, clients, and affiliates that browse this website. Learn more about the terms and conditions of our privacy policy and cookie policy here.

Privacy policy

MRG Solicitors respect your privacy. We request you to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly to understand how we collect your personal information and use your personal data. We adhere to all privacy and data protection laws, making sure that any information stored on our servers is not misused.


  • Our privacy policy applies to:

  • Our website visitors

  • Individuals who register for our legal services or do business with our law firm

  • In both cases, we may ask you to fill out a registration form or share contact details whenever you work with us. Typically, we ask clients to share their name, phone number, email address, and phone number. By providing this information, you consent to our data usage and sharing methods.

Using personal information

We collect personal details to provide customised services upon request. We use the contact details to communicate with current and prospective clients to discuss our legal services. If we have permission to continue correspondence, we might use the information for marketing relevant services.

Apart from this, we may use collective details and statistics to track website usage. The date allows us to improve website performances and online experiences. We might share the aggregated information with third parties. Yet, these statistics are anonymous and do not have any identifying markers (i.e. name or contact information).


All clients and website visitors have the chance to become part of our subscription list. We plan to share the latest information and changes in different matters of law. We also notify you about new website features or services you’d be interested in.


If you do not want to receive any promotional content, you can unsubscribe from our loyalty list.  Send us an email or talk to our contact support team.

Protecting private information

Our website and servers are protected with security software and protocols. We use firewalls, encrypted data, browser certification technology, user passwords, and limited access via authorisation. These measures maximise data protection and safety.

Nevertheless, we are not responsible for external security breaches or unauthorised data transfer.

Note:  You have the right to ask about the personal details we have saved. We also request clients update their personal information regularly to prevent any discrepancies.


Do notify your family law solicitors of a recent change like shifting email addresses or switching phone numbers. That way, we can upgrade client profiles and remove wrong information.

Updating privacy policy

We update our privacy policy regularly according to national and international laws. All recent changes and alterations in the rules are posted on this webpage. If required, we shall send an email informing you about the new updates.

These steps allow us to make sure that you understand how we collect user information and what we do with those details.

We keep our Privacy policy under regular review. If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post the changes on this page, and place notices on other pages of the website, so that you may be aware of the information we collect and how we use it at all times.


Cookies are small coded files made up of letters and numbers. These files get saved on your device whenever you visit our website. We use non-intrusive first-party cookies to differentiate between frequent visitors and new visitors. It also allows us to improve online experiences whenever you browse our website.

Here are the types of cookies we use and their general function:

  • Essential cookies that allow you to access our web pages with ease. These cookies allow us to save passwords, searches, language choices, etc.

  • Analytical cookies that track your online activity whenever you visit the website. We use it to make sure you get all the information you need quickly. It also allows us to monitor our website activity, making sure that the website works properly.

  • Secure cookies to protect the private information and confidential details you shared via our website (like login credentials, email address, passwords, etc.)

  • Marketing cookies allow Google to re-market and advertise our business to frequent visitors.

Apart from this, we might use third-party cookies, often added by external sites (e.g. Google). These cookies are used for Google analytics and advertising purposes.

Important points for consideration

MRG Solicitors will always ask you to agree to our cookie policy whenever you visit our website. This is especially true for analytical cookies. If you change your mind about the conditions or want to disable the cookies, you can contact our customer support team. They will change the cookie settings accordingly.

Other rules: 

  • We do not store any identifiable information about our clients via these cookies.

  • We do not share personal details with third-party agencies and external sources unless stated otherwise.

  • Most cookies are stored temporarily and get automatically deleted within a year of your first visit.

deleting/Blocking cookies

There are many different ways to block cookies from our website. You can either change browser settings manually. Use the Help centre or main settings section of your browser to make the required changes.  This option works for desktop and mobile browsers.

Alternatively, you can request our customer support team to help you change cookie settings.

Disclaimer: Please note that disabling (or restricting) cookies can impact our website performance and your user experience.

Need assistance? 

Call our teams in London and Manchester on 01615 299777. MRG Solicitors will help in any way we can. 

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