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Mediators for out-of-court settlements 

Attending court can be stressful and nerve racking. Wherever possible, MRG Solicitors will aim to settle disagreements out of the courtroom, using various resolution methods to help you reach a suitable outcome. Work with our mediators today – based in Manchester and London.

A different approach to family conflict  

The out-of-court order covers various aspect of family law, allowing these matters to be handled through negotiation. Common resolution processes include mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law, of which MRG Solicitors can help you navigate, providing legal advice to help you find common ground. By doing so, we hope to limit the distress caused by a court hearing, especially where children, who are usually impacted most during these proceedings, are involved.   


As a member of Resolution, our experienced mediators and collaborative lawyers adhere to strict codes of conduct concerning these matters. The goal is to minimise conflicts and maximise positive outcomes for all parties involved. By following various negotiation strategies to keep control of the situation, we’ll help your family reach an amicable agreement, ensuring the proposed arrangements support your future and ensure you and your ex are able to part ways on good terms.  

Holistic family law services

Our involvement allows you to make crucial decisions in a legally compliant way without any unwanted intervention from the courts. These include financial and childcare arrangements, and asset distributions. Additionally, our effective communication, legal expertise and composed approach present many benefits:  

  • The flexibility to negotiate an arrangement that suits you and your family  

  • The convenience of resolving marital issues in a safe and comfortable environment  

  • A hassle-free and cost-effective way to handle various family law matters  


“Extremely happy with the service that they provided, fast, efficient and professional. All the staff I had dealings with were very courteous and helpful. I will be using them again, and recommend them to all”

- iAN

Want to avoid the courtroom? 

Reach an agreement with MRG Solicitors by your side. For more information, call our mediators and legal teams on 01615 299777. 

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