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Tourists huddle beneath British flag umbrellas (they sell them there) during a London summ

Helping you get your British Citizenship  

Do you qualify? Find out with the experienced lawyers at MRG Solicitors. Offering expertise and legal advice for clients across London and Manchester.  

Support you in becoming a British citizen

Applying for a British citizenship can be extremely complex, especially as the rules of doing so change frequently. Having legal representation from a qualified immigration lawyer can be the difference between getting lost in the jargon and submitting your application with confidence and hope.  


By helping you ensure you have all relevant information for the application, MRG Solicitors work to simplify the process and maximise your chances of success. Furthermore, we’ll offer ongoing support to answer your questions and help you remain positive during the entire process. With experts located in London and Manchester, find out how we can help you on your way to becoming a citizen.  

Are you eligible?  

You can apply for a British citizenship if:  


You were born in the UK  

If you were born before 1983 or if born after the 1st January 1983 and one of your parents was a British citizen or ‘settled’ in the UK, then you’re a British citizen by birth. If you are not a British citizen by birth, you can still apply for naturalisation if you are:  

  • Under 18 and one of your parents becomes a British citizen or secures Indefinite Leave to Remain or settle status in the UK 

  • You lived in the UK until you were 10 years old or older  


You married a British citizen (or someone with settled status) 

If you are married to a British citizen and have lived in the UK for the last 3 years, you can immediately apply for naturalisation once you have ILR or you have a settle status under the EU settlement scheme.  


You have an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status  

In some immigration categories, you may qualify for ILR after completing 5 years of residency in the UK. You can apply for British citizenship after completing 12 months in the UK as an ILR holder or you have ‘settled’ status according to the EU Settlement Scheme. 

British passport and map of Europe

“I have had the experience of dealing with MRG Solicitors just recently on an immigration matter. I would be safe to say that by far, the legal advice and client care I have received is the best in the industry. Communication, expectations management and great value for money. Would definitely recommend”


Begin the application process today 

Discuss your eligibility and discuss the process with MRG Solicitors. Call us on 01615 299777

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