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Immigration Bail support from the experienced team you need 

Immigrants detained by the Home Office can apply for Immigration Bail under some circumstances. Learn how MRG Solicitors can help you (or someone you know) overcome this situation and work towards a release. Boasting offices in London and Manchester, we’re well placed to help clients up and down the UK.  

Have you overstayed your visa? 

If this is the case, or you are an illegal immigrant and have been detained as a result, MRG Solicitors can help you apply for Immigration Bail to: 


  • The Secretary of State for the Home Department 

  • The First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) 

We have helped hundreds of detainees secure their Immigration Bail by submitting applications and helping our clients build a well thought out case. We carefully consider your circumstances to ensure that your safety at the detention centre is not compromised, and always work to ensure immediate release to avoid the risk of any further harm or suffering.  

Applying for an Immigration Bail  

The Home Office’s ‘Adults at Risk in Immigration Detention’ policy sets out the conditions which will indicate that a person may be “particularly vulnerable to harm in detention”. This outlines that the person should not be detained if they are:  


  • Suffering from a mental health condition  

  • Have been victim to torture  

  • A victim of modern slavery  

  • Pregnant  

  • Have a serious physical health condition  

  • Physically disabled 

  • Aged 70 or above  


As per the Home Office guidance, being in one of these categories doesn’t necessarily exempt you from being detained. However, your solicitor can use these conditions to argue that you deserve to be released if you do get detained.  


“I recently contacted MRG Solicitors for application, their advice is very clear about the availability of grounds and straight to point. The way they prepared my case and the way presented was immaculate. Would definitely recommend to everyone”


By your side from start to finish

Reach MRG Solicitors  on 01615 299777 for Immigration Bail support. Working with clients across London and Manchester to reach favourable verdicts.  

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