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Charity Volunteers

Apply for your charity worker visa

If you are interested in working in the UK as an unpaid charity worker, you can apply for a temporary work visa. MRG Solicitors can offer the guidance needed to encourage approval of your application and streamline the entire process. Simply work with our teams in London and Manchester. 

Applying for a charity worker visa

This temporary work visa allows a registered charity to recruit international volunteers, expanding the workforce and offering new volunteer opportunities to those overseas. Whilst the charity worker visa won't allow you to receive payment for the job you perform for the main employer and any secondary positions you fill, it can prove beneficial in helping you gain invaluable experiences abroad. You can qualify for a charity worker visa if you: 

  • Secure a sponsorship certificate from an approved charity

  • Pay the application fee and healthcare surcharge for you (and any dependents living with you)

  • Have adequate funds (£1,270) in your bank account

  • You meet other entry criteria (like you are a person of good character and have no conviction)

The charity worker visa remains valid for a year. If your volunteer work ends before 12 months, you can stay 14 days longer after the designated date. Need to extend your stay? MRG Solicitors can help with this too. 

Charity worker visas and your spouse or dependents 

If you're looking to volunteer in the UK but have a spouse or minor children back home to consider, it's worth assessing your options with our immigration specialists. With experts based in London and Manchester,  we not only help our clients secure their visas for charity work but can also help you sponsor those eligible, too.


Our main priority is always to help families stay together, wherever employment opportunities take you. That said, we can take you through the sponsorship process and help you understand what's feasible under your work visa. 

Volunteers offering charity support at food bank

“I recently engaged the services of MRG Solicitors to handle my dependent child's skilled worker visa application, and I am compelled to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional service provided by their team. I am particularly impressed with the diligence exhibited by MRG Solicitors in preparing and submitting my child's visa application. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the intricacies of immigration law were evident in the thoroughness of the submission. As a result of their efforts, I am thrilled to report that the Home Office granted my child leave to remain, a positive outcome that has brought immense joy and relief to our family.”

- afiA

Looking to volunteer in the UK? Do something rewarding with MRG

Contact our teams in London and Manchester by dialling 01615 299777. From our initial call to checking the approval, we'll be here to support your visa application. 

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