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Business Visitor visas – helping clients across London and Manchester  

If you’re looking to travel and stay in the UK for business, ensuring you have the right visa in place is crucial for your plans. Work with MRG Solicitors to ensure you have the correct documentation in place. 

Why may you need a Business Visit visa?

Business visas are used by individuals from all industries and sectors, and at all levels. However, despite their common occurrence, understanding what you may need for the application can be complex. To limit the leg work and time you need to put into securing your visa, MRG Solicitors and our teams across London and Manchester are here to make things simple. The grounds that would warrant a visa include those visiting to:  

  • Gather business intel for an employer overseas 

  • Attend a seminar, interview, conference or an important meeting

  • Negotiate/sign deals and contracts 

  • Attend a series of trade fairs to promote some work – not selling 

  • Set-up a future business 

  • Look up the requirements you need to fulfil the needs of your customer in the country as long as that work is outside the UK 

  • Conduct site inspections and visits 

  • Provide a short series of talks or speeches as long as they are not commercial events and the organiser will not profit from them 

  • Oversee the delivery of goods and services provided by a UK company to your overseas company or organization

  • Deliver training or share knowledge on internal projects with UK employees of the company you work for overseas

  • Install, dismantle, repair, service or advise on equipment, computer software and hardware, if your overseas company has a contract with a UK company or organisation

What is needed for a UK Business Visit visa?

In order to be granted a Business Visit visa, you will need to convince the UK Visas and Immigration entity that you are a genuine visitor by proving that:  

  • You have enough funds to take care of all of your reasonable expenditures that are based on the visit, without the need to get a gainful employment  

  • You will leave the UK at the end of your visit  

  • You do not want to live in the UK for an extended duration via successive or frequent visits or make it your main home  

  • You are seeking entry for permitted visitor routes and will not take part in any prohibited activities  

Airplane in Flight

“My experience with MRG Solicitors was excellent from the start. After consulting with over 5 solicitors, Mr. Ahmed Wasim stood out by not unnecessarily complicating my case. Despite not being a traditional solicitor, his substantial knowledge and confidence, rooted in experience, made a significant impact. He adeptly balanced explaining risks with providing hope, calming my concerns during stressful moments. Ultimately, my asylum was granted post a substantive interview. I am deeply thankful for MRG's dedicated efforts, and Mr. Ahmed Wasim's professionalism and care were commendable throughout the process.”


Work quickly to obtain your Business Visitor visa 

Call 01615 299777 today! With a proven track record, MRG Solicitors will do all they can to ensure your application is handled with efficiency and care. 

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