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Got a business idea for the UK? Apply for your Innovator founder visa!   

Set up and run a thriving business in the UK. Apply for your Innovator Founder visa to gain entry with help from the dedicated corporate immigration lawyers at MRG Solicitors. With offices in Manchester and London, we’ve gained an enviable client base, and you could be next to reap the benefits of our services.  

Your success is our success  

Entrepreneurs are vital to the UK economy, and innovative business owners from across the globe are what makes our nation so diverse and advantageous to those looking to establish their own space in the market. An Innovator Founder visa can act as the perfect gateway to ensure your entry into the country, and MRG Solicitors has the knowledge and legal understanding to help you obtain this.  


In addition to helping you acquire the visa by offering application guidance and ongoing representation, our established roots in London and Manchester also mean we can help you take full advantage of any current business opportunities that would align with your goals.  

Understanding the visa requirements

If you are a non-European, you will need the Innovator Founder visa if you wish to establish a business in the UK however, you will need to prove your ideas are innovative. As per the Home Office, you need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible:  


  • Pass an English language test - you must be able to speak, read, write and understand the language 

  • Be at least 18 years of age or older 

  • Possess maintenance funds that you can hold for at least 90 days

  • Be doing something different to anyone else on the market and have your business idea endorsed by an approved body 


Successful applicants can stay up to 3 years on an Innovator Founder visa. After 12 months and then 24 months, you'll need to prove you're marking business progress to your endorsing body. Failure to do this and your endorsement could be withdrawn. Should you need to stay longer, you must apply for a new endorsement before your visa expires, which MRG Solicitors can help with. 

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"Professionally assisted my company’s sponsorship licence application. The corporate immigration team at MRG Solicitors is highly professional. I would definitely recommend their services."

- Muhammad

Take the leap for your business venture with MRG Solicitors

Call our experts on 01615 299777 to uncover what you need to get your application underway. 

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