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Everything you need to get your sponsorship licence  

Ensure your employment processes are all above board. Recruit from overseas with the right licences and guidance from MRG Solicitors. We’re proud to have served many business owners, just like you, across London and Manchester – it’s time you joined our growing client base too.  

Expand your recruitment search and find the best for your business  

If you wish to hire someone from abroad or are a registered charity and want to recruit a volunteer from overseas to work in the UK, you will need to have a sponsorship licence. Unfortunately, acquiring the documentation to sponsor workers outside of the UK is becoming much harder and incredibly complex. As your experienced legal team, our job is to remove the jargon and make the process as straightforward as possible.  


Penalties for non-compliance and inaccurate records are significant enough to hurt your business and its reputation. MRG Solicitors will ensure you meet the monitory and compliance requirements before you apply for the licence and help you with renewals and any other issues in the future. Sponsorship licences are valid for 4 years and must be renewed before the expiration date should you wish to continue your worker’s employment. If you need to renew a skilled worker licence, you will need to run through the gamut of new rules and regulations that you may not be aware of, which is when our solicitors prove invaluable. Consult our teams in Manchester and London to learn more.  

Eligibility requirements  

If you’re looking to acquire a sponsor licence for a migrant worker, you will need to meet the following criteria:  


  • Your business must be based in or operating lawfully in the country  

  • Your sponsorship licence must not have been revoked in the last 12 months  

  • You must have a suitable system that can supervise sponsored workers and individuals who can manage sponsorship for your business  

  • Your business should be financially capable to hire an employee from outside the UK  

  • You must not have any unspent criminal charges for immigration transgressions. This includes crimes such as scams or fraud involving money laundering  


Should the Home Office refuse your application or threaten to revoke your current licence, we can work to identify the issue and help you reach the best outcome.

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"Professionally assisted my company’s sponsorship licence application. The corporate immigration team at MRG Solicitors is highly professional. I would definitely recommend their services."

- Muhammad

Work with MRG Solicitors to apply now! 

Call 01615 299777 to join the many businessowners and employers we work with across the capital and leading cities including Manchester.  

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