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Closeup of a man signing  divorce papers

Judicial separation advice   

If divorce isn’t the correct route for your situation, MRG Solicitors can advise on other alternatives to help you overcome any marital problems and strains within the relationship. Consult our teams in Manchester and London to learn more.  

Understanding the difference between judicial separation and divorce 

Many clients have circumstantial, religious, moral or legal reasons not to file for a divorce. A judicial separation is an alternative option for couples dealing with marital problems in these cases. Unlike a divorce, a legal separation, the court doesn’t require couples to wait for a year to prove that their marital ties are irreparable. They don’t even have to share extensive details and evidence of the problems they experience. In this regard, judicial separations simplify the situation from a legal perspective. 


Conversely, there are some similarities between the legal order related to financial and child arrangements. Interested clients can request the course to divide joint assets and grant custodial right, if required. The court’s involvement reduces the risk of disputes and ensures that your child’s wellbeing isn’t compromised during the separation.  

How can we help you with judicial separation?  

The legal implications of judicial separation might vary from a divorce procedure. However, obtaining legal advice to complete specific steps and make important decisions is still very important. By offering advice and expert knowledge around judicial separation, our legal teams can help you handle the situation, treating your case with care and compassion. With our assistance, you can determine how to:  


  • Tackle challenges associated with child custody and care arrangements  

  • Develop a fair and justified plan to divide real estate properties and financial assets  

  • Apply for relevant petitions to file a request for legal separation  

A family is split up after a divorce

“Mr Wasim was very professional and sorted out everything very quickly. Prices are reasonable. He was always very honest throughout the process”

- Aylin

A competent team helping you prepare for any legal challenge 

Discover how MRG Solicitors can help by calling 01615 299777. Our teams in Manchester and London are dedicated to your success.  

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