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Learn more about our charges for legal services. Should you need assistance with a matter but are unsure of the costs, please feel free to contact MRG Solicitors for specific pricing information. 

Charges for legal services

Our charges for legal services are based on the time and effort required for each case.

Why we ask for hourly rates

At MRG Solicitors, we understand that each client’s circumstances are unique. We base our charges on the time spent dealing with a case or transaction to ensure we give each one the attention and time they deserve. This includes an hourly rate – you receive a fixed price for a straightforward case or we can provide an estimated time it will take. Fixed fees can be agreed upon in most of these cases, where other parties are not involved.

We will contact you regarding funding options and if your case is covered under an insurance policy. The meeting may also include a discussion on disbursements which you will need to take care of.

We will send you an engagement letter that will have the detail of our total charges, estimates costs, fixed fees quotes and timescale for payment of our fees and you will be notified before you instruct us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about costs.

Fixed price charges

We will inform you if we can provide a fixed price for the work you need and in writing. This includes the charges and when they should be paid. These will ultimately depend on the type of work you need. For instance, we require our fees to be paid before we complete your divorce application.

Charges based on time spent

If we cannot offer our fixed charges because of the complexity of your case, we will detail our hourly rates. This includes the charges of every professional who will work on your behalf, along with our estimation of total costs. Our charges change according to the qualifications and experiences of the staff members assigned to a case.

Here is a breakdown of the basic hourly rates which apply to most family law and civil litigation cases:


  • Fee for graduate trainee and graduate paralegal: £115

  • Associate solicitors: £220

  • Consultants and partners: £250

Please be advised that when you contact us to discuss your case, we have the right to adjust these charges based on complexity, urgency, and the resources we use to accept your requests. Please rest assured that we will inform you before these rates are revised and before we accept your instructions.

Fixed charges for immigration

Posting fixed charges can be tricky since they are dependent on the complexity, supporting evidence, and the number of dependents you have. We have provided a basic breakdown of these costs for your convenience:

  • Applying for a Student Visa: £700

  • Family visas like a parent, partner or child: £1000- 1500

  • Applying for British citizenship: £1200

  • Standard Visitor Visa: £800-1200

  • Application for entry clearance as a spouse: £1200-£1500

  • Application review: £300-£400

  • PBS applications: £1500-1800

  • Application for a sponsorship license: £2500

  • UK Ancestry Visa: £1200

  • Family reunion settlement application: £1400-1700

  • EU Settlement Application – For entry clearance: £1000-1200

  • EU Settlement Application – (complex): £1000-1200

  • EU Settlement Application – For (simple): £500-700

  • Immigration Appeal: £1800-3500

  • Further Submission for the failed asylum cases: £1500-£2000

  • Administrative Reviews: £700-£1000

Important notes:

  • Prices may increase if the number of applicants increases

  • The charges do not include disbursements and VAT

  • Complex applications will be costlier based on evidence and circumstances


The charges mentioned above are estimated ones that exclude disbursements. These may accumulate as we work on your case and can include the following:

  • An immigration health surcharge.

  • Courier fees.

  • Court charges.

  • Home inspection charges.

  • Counsel charges, among others.

MRG Solicitors reserve the right to require payments in advance before disbursements. Please get in touch with our representative for more information.

Our estimated charges can include the following:

  • Evaluating documents.

  • Drafting and submitting essential documents to the Home Office.

  • Providing advice on deadlines, results, and potential solutions if required.

Processing duration

While we cannot provide a specific timeline for an application, we can give an approximate duration. The estimated timeline will depend on the UKVI processing times and matters pertaining to your case.

Consultation costs

Our initial consultation charges include the following:

  • Our discussions concerning the circumstances surrounding your case and the other options we may recommend based on your background and facts.

  • Explanation of immigration requirements and whether you meet them.

  • If you meet specific requirements and if not, what you can do to meet them, such as taking English language classes.

  • Whether you require additional evidence such as medical records.

Need assistance? 

Call our teams in London and Manchester on 01615 299777. MRG Solicitors will help in any way we can. 

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